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1 June 2006
France : the employee that usually executes his work in another Member State cannot submit a case to the Labour Court of his own place of residence
The regulation 44/2001 of December 22nd 2000 concerning the judicial competence, the regognition and exectution of orders for civil and commercial matter grants the employee with an advantage in comparision with the employer : while the latter can only submit a case to the salaried worker’s place of residence, the employee can either refer the case to the employer’s place of...
31 May 2006
Spain: the broad outline of the coming pensions reform
The Spanish government should conclude this week the negotiations with employers and the trade unions on the reform of the retirement pensions system. The agreement should be signed before next 9 June, but the broad outline was already revealed. (Réf. 06540)
30 May 2006
Belgium: creation of a data base on all employment subsidies
The Minister for Employment, Peter Vanvelthoven, wishes to gather in a single data base all the federal and regional sources of subsidies available for employment. Employers will be able to calculate themselves the financial advantages related to some of these measures. (Réf. 06538)
29 May 2006
Great Britain: government unveils the long-awaited pensions reform
The British government presented, last May 25, the last version of its project to reform retirement pensions. Introduced by the Minister for Work and Pensions, John Hutton, the project is largely inspired by the recommendations of the Turner Commission (see our articles n° 06332, 06343 and 06474) on the questions of retirement age, calculation of last allowance, and national savings plan and financing. (Réf. 06527)