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16 February 2006
Great Britain: Parliament passes law banning smoking in all workplaces
The British trade-union confederation (TUC) welcomed yesterday’ adoption at the Parliament of the bill that prohibits smoking in all closed public spaces and workplaces, thus including pubs and restaurants, which were at the heart of the debate. (Réf. 06140)
15 February 2006
The provisions of the optional framework for transnational negotiation should be specified soon
The social Diary for 2005-2010 announced an optional framework for transnational agreements. The European Commission could release, between now and the end of February, a legal study which analyzes the texts concluded until now within European work’s councils and transnational framework agreements. The study also specifies the legal questions raised by the development of transnational negotiation. (Réf. 06134)
15 February 2006
Czech Republic: Workers’ information and consultation will be improved
An amendment to the Labor Code will allow the Czech Republic to comply with Community regulations. Even though a brand new Labor Code is going through a legislative process, the Lower House of Czech Parliament approved of an amendment changing the provisions of the old Labor Code that was in effect since 1965. The amendment relates to employers’ obligation to inform employees and to negotiate and discuss particular questions with them. (Réf. 06142)
14 February 2006
Luxembourg : a draft law on paid care leave
The government adopted last February 7 a draft regulation which will allow employees with relatives suffering from life-threatening illness or in a situation of terminal illness to benefit from a leave paid. (Rf. 06129)