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10 February 2006
Funds to help employees harmed by globalization
The European Council of December 15 and 16, 2005, decided to set up a European adjustment fund for globalization, provided with 500 million euros. It will help employees who have lost their job due to a company’s restructuring directly related to a negative impact of globalization. The regulation linked to the creation of this fund is under way. (Ref. 06118)
8 February 2006
Great Britain : new TUPE regulations are still eagerly-awaited
On April 6, 2006, the revised Transfer of Undertakings-Protection of Employment regulations (TUPE) are due to come in effect. However, the government has not yet submitted a bill to Parliament. The aim of the new law is to transpose the new Business Transfers Directive. This Directive was passed in 1977 and significantly updated in 1998. (Ref. 06109)
7 February 2006
Metal industry will play the game of European social dialogue
After having stared at one another for many years, European social partners of the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based industries, the CEEMET for employers and the European Metalworkers’ Federation (EMF) have opened the way to social dialogue within the branch. (Ref. 06105)
7 February 2006
Italy: a decree on training for security protagonists in the workplace
Last January 26, the “Permanent Conference between the State, Regions and the autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano” which regulates the relationship between the State and local communities and which is in charge of vocational training, finally defined, after several attempts and several failures, the orientations, contents and the final list of organizations in charge of providing training programs for the protagonists of prevention in the company.