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7 March 2006
Globalization Fund: interview of Frederic Bruggeman
Frederic Bruggeman, project director for the Syndex cabinet (certified public accountant firm specialized in work’s councils assistance), international coordinator of the European project Reflects on the capitalization of innovations in the conduct of reorganizations (*), gives his opinion on the draft...
7 March 2006
Italy : a new program to maintain seniors at work
Last week, Italian newspapers stressed the measures, known as of “re-insertion” of the seniors, adopted by the Council of Ministers on 2 March, and intended to maintain old workers in activity in companies in great difficulty. (Réf. 06210)
3 March 2006
Spain: a bill to guarantee gender equality
The government must adopt, March 3, 2006, a bill to guarantee equality between men and women. It transposes in national law the Community directive on equal treatment between women and men as regards employment. (Ref. 06202)
2 March 2006
Unemployment rate stable in the Euro-zone and in the EU 25
According to Eurostat, the seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was at 8,3% in January 2006 in the Euro-zone. It is unchanged compared to December 2005 and has decreased compared to January 2OO5 (8,8%). In the EU 25, the unemployment rate was at 8,5% in January 2006, unchanged compared to December 2006 and it has decreased since January 2005 (8,9%). (Ref. 06200)
2 March 2006
Regulation creating European Globalization adjustment fund is adopted
Helping employees, not companies (Article 1): for the Commission, the creation of this fund must make it possible to answer, at the European level, employees’ needs, given the consequences of globalization “the fund must help employees, not companies”, underlines the Commission. The fund will help people who suddenly lose their job, and must offer a fast response to specific, well defined problems related to restructuring. The fund would finance employees’ vocational training, reclassification or...