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8 May 2006
Netherlands : reform on dismissal in a dead end
Being discussed for months now, a flexibility of the dismissal’s laws seems to be out of reach on the short term in the Netherlands. Negociations between unions and managment, that should have ended up on a reform suggestion to be submitted to the government before summer, just foundered. (Ref. 06444)
5 May 2006
The European Metalworkers’ Federation calls for individual training rights
The European Metalworkers’ Federation (EMF) has launched a campaign to present its first common demand: the individual right to training. It has circulated a text to its members, inviting them to include it in their national, sectoral or company negotiations between employers and trade unions. (Ref. 06450)
5 May 2006
Spain: the supreme Court validates the double salary scale at Nissan
The supreme court has just confirmed the legality of the double salary scale used by the car manufacturer Nissan Motor Iberica in Catalonia when hiring new employees. This is the end of a long legal battle carried out by the trade unions CCOO and CGT. (Réf. 06443)
5 May 2006
Poland: the law transposing the “information – consultation” directive is promulgated
The President of the Republic, Lech Kaczynski, promulgated, last 27 April, the law transposing in Polish law the “information consultation” directive of 2002 and making the creation of “works councils” compulsory in companies of more than 50 employees. The text will come into effect 14 days after its publication in the official journal. (ref. 06439)
4 May 2006
The ECJ validates the European co-operative society and by doing so secures the statute of the European society
Ina ruling of last 2 May, the ECJ rejected the demand for cancellation made by the European Parliament against the regulation on the European co-operative society (ECS). This validation by the European judge of the legal base of this regulation permanently draws aside the threat of a questioning of the other large statute of European law which rested on the same basis: the European society. (Ref. 06435)
4 May 2006
The freedom of movement of Community citizens is simplified
Directive 2004/38 relating to the right for EU citizens and members of their families to circulate and remain freely on the territory of Member States was due to be transposed on last 30 April. Since this date, this directive, which is the unique text governing the free-circulation of all EU citizens, invalidates the contrary national provisions. (Ref. 06436)