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20 February 2006
Netherlands: law simplification and reforms
Before the legislative elections of May 2007, Aart Jan de Geus, the Minister for social Affairs and Employment, will have a difficult decision to take – to open or not the labour market to workers of the new Member States – while undertaking a major legislative cleaning. (Ref. 06155)
20 February 2006
European deputies remove the country of origin principle from the “Services” directive
European deputies adopted, Thursday February 16, in first reading, the proposal for a Directive relating to the liberalization of services in the EU. They removed the very discussed “country of origin principle” and excluded some services of general economic interest (SGEI). The text is the result of a compromise between the two biggest European parliamentary groups, the European popular Party (EPP, right-wing) and the Party of European Socialists (PES). It was adopted by a comfortable majority of 391...
17 February 2006
“Services” Directive : interview of Stephan Rodrigues for e-europnews
Lawyer at the Paris Bar, established at the Brussels Bar and associated to the Lallemand and Legros office (Brussels), Stephan Rodrigues comments on the vote, by European deputies, of the compromise on the draft “Services” Directive. He says that “the promoters of the Directive wanted to treat services like goods and to consider all services without any distinction. It was a double misjudgment “. (Ref. 06150)
17 February 2006
Italy : the training for employees who work at a height defined
The agreement appoints the organizations in charge of providing training courses about work at a height : regions , automous provinces, Ministry of Labour, l’ISPESL (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Prevention), employers and employees organizations,  paritarian bodies or vocational schools of the the construction sector.
16 February 2006
Hungary : government adopted programmes to boost employment
Government approved Start Plus and Start Extra, two programmes to offer preferential terms for employing parents returning to work from maternity or childcare leave, and to unemployed or long-term unemployed people living in disadvantaged areas. (Ref. 06141)
16 February 2006
Great Britain: Parliament passes law banning smoking in all workplaces
The British trade-union confederation (TUC) welcomed yesterday’ adoption at the Parliament of the bill that prohibits smoking in all closed public spaces and workplaces, thus including pubs and restaurants, which were at the heart of the debate. (Réf. 06140)