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24 January 2006
EU employment ministers very tempted by Flexisecurity
During the informal Council of Employment and Social Affairs that took place on January 19-21 in Villach, Austria, the ministers committed themselves to go “forward together with the social partners for a social Europe” . (Ref. 0657)
24 January 2006
The work visa regime applied by Germany to nationals of non-member states posted by service providers established in other member states is contrary to the freedom to provide services
The Court of Justice of the European Communities has concluded that the German practice based on the checking of certain criteria, in advance of the posting, and restriction of posting to workers employed for less than a year by the provider established in another Member State, violated the provisions on the freedom to provide services. (Ref. 0654)
23 January 2006
Germany: bill to fight seasonal unemployment
On January 18th, the German government, in a cabinet meeting, introduced a draft law aimed at fighting the recurring rise of seasonal unemployment during winter months. It proposes to improve the current system of allowance and to extend it to all the branches touched by a fall in activity for climatic reasons (building, agriculture, forestry development, house painters, etc). (Ref. 0652)
23 January 2006
Latvia : changes in social sphere starting January 1st, 2006
Improving and developing the state’s social policy involving employment, social services and social assistance, social insurance and gender equality fields: these are the goals of the reforms that took effect on January 1st. (Ref. 0655)
20 January 2006
Denmark: debate on open borders for skilled immigrants
While unemployment is falling (4,5 % last November according to Eurostat), conservatives and liberals, currently in power in Denmark, want to open borders to skilled immigrants, in order to face the labour shortages which are starting to appear in certain sectors. (Ref 0641)
20 January 2006
Poland: labour legislation will be amended
The Commission in charge of codifying the labour legislation is preparing a project aimed at reforming the labour code. In particular, it introduces changes in the calculation mode of paid-leaves and provisions on telecommuting. (Ref 0645)
19 January 2006
On March 10th, will there be a consensus on the Working time directive?
Austria, which is presiding the EU since January 1st, feels it is Vienna’s responsibility to end the negotiations on the draft Working Time Directive. Austria has indeed made a big move, by taking this issue out of the hands of experts, and hopes politicians will not be as fussy on the details. (Ref 0639)