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Enel: implements insurance cover for all staff globally who need Covid-19 related hospitalization
Planet Labor, 1 April 2020, n°11789 -

On 26 March 2020, Italian energy company, Enel Group announced an agreement was signed with the professional services and financial risk-mitigation firm Aon SpA to provide a “Covid-19 Insurance Policy” for all its 68,000 employees worldwide. In the press release, it specified that this insurance was specifically designed to meet Enel Group’s needs and that it represented a pioneering initiative aimed at guaranteeing transnational support against the ongoing global health emergency. The policy comprises a cash allowance that comes on top of other social benefits from the company. In response to questions, a spokesperson for the company indicated that a sum  of €1,500 (or the equivalent thereof in any local currency) was intended for employees who are hospitalized for at least two nights, and €3,000 (or the equivalent thereof in any local currency) in cases of required intensive care treatment, following contraction of the Covid-19 virus. This initiative came from a series of exchanges with trade union representatives, which according to the company spokesperson give their backing to the global initiative.