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Italy: merit based salaries for Manfrotto (Vitec Group Imaging Division) employees
Planet Labor, 22 April 2015, n°9034 -

Being a leader and innovating can get you up to 12% more in salary if you are an employee in the Italian company Manfrotto whose head office is based in Cassola North East Venice. Employing some 900 staff, 550 of whom are in Italy, the company has just established an original new   system of performance and behavior evaluation that will directly impact salaries. The principle underlying the evaluation system came up first in 2013 during negotiations over the current five-year company agreement and following a trial period, the majority Fim-Cisl union has recently approved the new system. The union had contributed to its design as did the employers’ body Confindustria and also the University of Pisa (who assisted with the project’s implementation and also validated it scientifically).

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