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United Kingdom: Aviva hands company shares to staff as a thank you

Through . Published on 07 March 2022 à 13h02 - Update on 07 March 2022 à 13h02

UK insurance group Aviva announced in its full-year results statement for 2021, published on 2 March, that it will give shares worth £1,000 (€1,210) to each of its employees across the globe. “Our people are central to our success, and it’s only right that they share in the value they’ve helped create. So we are giving each of our 22,000 employees £1,000 in Aviva shares, to say thank you,” chief executive Amanda Blanc said. The insurer is not the first British employer to hand a bonus to staff in recent months to thank them for their efforts, amid the economic recovery after two years hampered by the pandemic. Supermarket group Asda, for example, announced in late February that it would pay £413 (€500) to its 100,000 UK employees. The construction equipment manufacturer JCB revealed in December that it would pay a bonus of £750 (€907) to more than 6,000 UK employees.


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