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Brazil: C6 Bank recognized for its comprehensive LGBT+ inclusion policy

Since its inception in 2019, the Brazilian online bank, C6 Bank, has been implementing a comprehensive policy promoting the inclusion of the LGBT+ community, all the way from HR management through to its customer offering. Its proactive approach has enabled this 3,000-strong start-up financial enterprise to rank among the top companies in Brazil in terms of LGBT+ inclusion, according to the Corporate Equality Index (CEI) criteria.

Through . Published on 13 July 2022 à 14h31 - Update on 13 July 2022 à 14h31

C6 Bank is one of the 38 companies to have scored maximum marks across all the CEI’s indicators, in the first survey of its kind to be carried out in Brazil. The CEI survey was created in 2002 in the United States by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), in order to measure the progress organizations were making in terms of LGBT+ employee workplace inclusion and in order to evaluate the efforts businesses were making to create inclusive corporate cultures.…

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