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Diversity and inclusion: age and racism seen as the primary causes of discrimination in companies

Discrimination in the world of work continues to be widespread. Thus the findings of a report by the Cegos Observatory* in April 2022, covering seven countries (Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom), and surveying 420 human resources professionals plus 4,007 employees. Deploying an effective diversity & inclusion (D&I) policy remains a key challenge for HR managers, and all the more so given that 84% of the employees surveyed saw a company’s commitment to D&I as a determining factor in their choice of new employer.

Through . Published on 22 June 2022 à 13h15 - Update on 22 June 2022 à 13h15

When asked about the forms of discrimination most frequently encountered in the workplace, employees cite age first (56%), then racism (53%), followed by sexual orientation (52%). However, when asked about the main forms of discrimination they have experienced personally, physical appearance comes out on top (24%), and age comes second (23%). Results do however vary from country to country so that for example,…

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