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Stellantis creates an international network of women to improve female representation in the company

Through . Published on 09 March 2022 à 10h44 - Update on 09 March 2022 à 10h44

On 08 March, International Women’s Day, the multinational automaker announced the launch of ‘Women of Stellantis’, an international network of women designed to support the company’s diversity and inclusion journey. This newly formed business resource group represents and supports nearly 3,000 members in 26 countries. “When diversity and inclusion is integrated across all corporate levels, it not only strengthens performance and fuels innovative product development but is also critical to representing the needs of our customers,” said Xavier Chéreau, Stellantis Chief Human Resources and Transformation Officer, in a statement. Born from the merger of two existing women’s networks in the group’s former companies, ‘Women of Stellantis’ will be responsible for amplifying the company’s global and regional actions to improve the representation, advancement and development of women and to ensure that their voices influence “business and product strategies, as well as the company’s competitive success.” The mega auto company’s diversity and inclusion strategy is built on four pillars, namely, engagement, learning and awareness, employer brand, and employee voice, and includes a goal of females achieving 35% of leadership roles by 2030. ‘In 2021, women held 24% of global leadership positions, an increase of four points versus the representation in the previous companies in 2020’.

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