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France: “A new work organization to support our strategic project”, Sébastien Graff, InVivo Group Human Resources Director (interview)
Planet Labor, 2 September 2021, n°12655 -

Following the return to 20% in-office/on-site work on 21 June 2021 for 1,500 InVivo staff, the agri-coperative group, which comprises 200 cooperatives representing nearly 300,000 farmers and employing 5,800 people, is now implementing a new work organization (NOT- nouvelle organisation du travail), where part-time physical presence work is becoming the norm for tertiary service functions. Sébastien Graff, Group Human Resources Director, reviews the goals of the Group’s new NOT, which came about as a result of an agreement signed in November 2020 with the majority of social partners (c.f. article No.12213), as well as the arrangements surrounding its deployment, which is scheduled to be completed by 01 October.

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