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Germany: companies looking to set up separate canteen areas for Covid vaccinated and recovered employees

Through . Published on 09 November 2021 à 11h08 - Update on 09 November 2021 à 11h06

In contrast with Italy and Austria, Germany has so far chosen not to make the health pass at work a mandatory requirement. However, several German employers have nonetheless decided to take the lead. According to an investigation by the regional daily publication Rheinische Post, companies, including Bayer, Eon, and Alltours are planning to apply the ‘2G’ rule (‘Geimpft oder Genesen’ – vaccinated or recovered) in their company canteens and create areas specifically reserved for Covid vaccinated or recovered employees. The companies state that their canteens will remain open to those who have not been vaccinated, or who refuse to reveal their vaccination status, however they will have to continue practising the hygiene measures put in place to prevent the spread of the virus including minimum distancing, compulsory mask wearing, space partitions, etc. According to a Bayer spokesperson, staff have welcomed the separated canteen eating areas project. The whole question of checking vaccination status has not yet been resolved, since employers in Germany are not allowed to ask employees for this information. However, there is nothing preventing employees from voluntarily disclosing their individual vaccination status.

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