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Great Britain: finnCap allows employees unlimited holidays so as to avoid burnout

Through . Published on 25 November 2021 à 15h32 - Update on 25 November 2021 à 15h32

Following in the footsteps of American tech companies such as Netflix, the London-based financial group finnCap announced on 18 November that it intended changing its holiday policy so that in 2022 employees could take unlimited holidays. The 155 employees will also be required to take 4 weeks holiday per year and to take at least 2 or 3 days per quarter, the group said. The aim of these measures, which are still rare in the finance sector, is to prevent burnout. “There’s not a maximum, there’s a minimum you must take. The rest is up to you,” said finnCap’s Chief Executive Sam Smith. The company, which has benefited from the pandemic effect and grown dramatically over the past two years, has also drawn up a list of circumstances in which its employees can take time off without having to officially take a day off work. On it  includes caring for a loved one, taking a pet to the vet and having a plumber come to your home. finnCap also said that a person who has to work on a holiday will immediately be given another day off. “Burnout is not resolved by a quick two-week holiday… It is resolved by properly changing the way you work,” the Chief Executive pointed out.

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