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BASF inaugurates the largest work-life balance center in Germany, a sign that German firms are taking to this theme
Planet Labor, 9 December 2013, n°8011 -

In early November, BASF, a pioneer company in the field of work-life balance, inaugurated “LuMit,” which is the biggest work-life balance management center in the country.  This achievement, which gathers all aspects of BASF’s work-life balance policy, is truly a sign of the intensification of efforts made by German businesses on this theme in recent years.  Whereas, 4 years ago, the Confederation of Germany Unions revealed that only 10 percent of businesses had signed an agreement on the subject, the 2013 report by the Ministry of Family Affairs on the development of work-life balance practices shows that nearly 80.7 percent of firms are now applying measures on this theme.  (Ref.  130774)

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