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Corporate Practice: Daimler calls its pensioners back into service for special missions.
Planet Labor, 21 October 2014, n°8665 -

In Daimler they are called the ‘Space Cowboys’. Like with the Clint Eastwood film where 4 elderly retired astronauts are called back into service for a crucial mission (to save the earth), Daimler, the German automotive company is calling back some of its former employees, now pensioned, to work on specific temporary projects. The objective of the company is to take advantage of their skills and experience and to extend beyond their retirement age the period of knowledge and skills transfer to younger employees. The project was launched in May 2013 and has already enticed 450 former Daimler employees who are now currently members of the company’s  ‘pool of senior experts’. Those coming back to work on this temporary basis view this as an opportunity to achieve recognition, establish social contacts, and obtain supplementary income.

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