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Corporate practices: ING DiBa, the German direct bank, is training apprentices over 50

A second chance for seniors.  “I am proud of myself.  I was able to prove that, unlike what people think, you can learn new things no matter how old you are.”  Christa Louis is one of the 20 apprentices over 50 who did work-study training as “Specialist in Dialogue Marketing” (Servicefachkraft für Dialogmarketing) at the ING DiBa bank.  This former supermarket cashier started training at 52 after trying, in vain, for 9 months, to find a job in Germany after she spent 5 years in new Zealand.  “Looking for a job was a nightmare.  I was repeatedly told that, past 50, there was no way I was ever going to find a job” Mrs. Louis remembers.  Now, she answers customers’ questions in one of the bank’s call centers.  “ING DiBa gave me a second chance.”

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