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France: Bain & Company provides its consultants with 40 hours of climate training

Committed for several years to an eco-responsible approach, Bain & Company, the American management consulting company headquartered in Boston, is stepping this approach up a gear. Since the beginning of 2022 consultants working at the Paris offices have been benefiting from a mandatory 40-hour training course run in partnership with the Paris-based HEC business school. Their client business related CO2 emissions are now also being calculated, published in-house, and compared on a weekly basis. Romain Deleforge, one of the firm's managers, sees this more as a necessity than as just a question of employer brand.

Through . Published on 19 July 2022 à 14h46 - Update on 19 July 2022 à 14h46

According to Romain Deleforge, a partner in the firm’s Paris office, and a longstanding ESG (environmental, social and governance criteria) stalwart, the ecological approach is deeply rooted at Bain. “We have been certified carbon neutral for ten years and we use 100% renewable energy for our in-house needs,” he says. “With the latest IPCC reports, client awareness has increased. We believe that we can no longer do our job without a thorough scientific and technical background in climate issues,”…

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