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France: Orange offers employees in mid-career a break to gain new experience

The French telecoms operator is experimenting with a new scheme allowing employees who have spent 10 years working with the group, and if they so wish, to take a break from their jobs to pursue professional and personal development that is unrelated to their work. During this ‘breathing space,’ which can last up to 12 months, employees will continue to receive a salary and will remain under contract with Orange.

Through . Published on 01 March 2022 à 14h20 - Update on 01 March 2022 à 14h44

Through the ‘Respiration’ scheme (‘Breath’) the telecommunications group wants to offer staff who are midway through their careers an opportunity to experience a new professional and personal adventure. The scheme is one measure included in its latest 2022-2024 intergenerational agreement that was signed by three trade unions (CFDT F3C, FO Com, and Sud PTT). “The group’s previous intergenerational agreements contained measures to adjust the period towards the end of employees’ careers and to facilitate the recruitment of young people in order to balance the age and skills pyramid.…

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