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Germany: Mercedes-Benz, Airbus and BLG Logistics organise employee exchange programme to prepare staff for the challenges of digitalisation
Planet Labor, 8 December 2017, n°10487 -

As part of a pilot project named CROSS (Competence Rotation Over Several Sectors), 14 workers at Mercedes-Benz, Airbus and BLG Logistics participated in an employee exchange programme, between September and December in Bremen. The programme was geared towards improving workers’ ability to work together, offering them the experience of a new corporate culture and enhancing their openness to change. The project, which ended on Friday 8 December, involved a series of workshops and a three-month internship in one of the partner companies. This highly successful initiative takes into account the increasing digitalisation and interconnection in the automobile, aeronautics, and logistics industries, as Catharina Blatt, who leads communications at Daimler’s ‘Project Future’, explained to Planet Labor.

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