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Germany : Trumpf launches a training project where digital ‘multipliers’ support SMEs to meet the challenges of digital transformation

With funding from the Baden-Wurtemberg Economic Ministry, and created by German company Trumpf, one of the global leaders in industrial laser manufacturing, F4DIA (Fit for digitized world of work) is a project designed to train ‘digital revolution’ ‘multipliers’ so as to support SMEs as they face the complex digital transformation process that is occurring in the world of work, because businesses can’t operate in a ‘bubble’, and spreading a digital culture throughout all layers of the economy will be to the benefit of all. After a challenging start, and two promotional campaigns, F4DIA, which focuses on change management has been extended for another two years. The HR department at German professional power tool manufacturer Metabo that employs approximately 2,000 staff has undertaken the F4DIA training.

Through . Published on 24 October 2019 à 13h12 - Update on 24 October 2019 à 15h21

Creating digital multipliers within SMEs. The F4DIA project first started in 2016 when the Economy Ministry of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany’s premier industrial region with a significant SME concentration launch an appeal for project proposals to support these SMEs meet the challenges of the rapid spread of digitalization throughout the economy. Werner Waiblinger, Head of the Professional Training Institute, GARP near Stuttgart recalls, “We have been working for a long time on digital related training, and especially with Trumpf. Gerd Duffke, who manages these types of training projects at Trumpf called me with a clear idea that grew from what he had seen with the company’s customer and sub-contractor businesses. We quickly gathered a group of partners together and produced a project dossier that was then accepted.”

With 14,500 staff working across 70 facilities worldwide,…

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