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HR practices: French insurer MAIF immerses its whole social structure into digital transformation
Planet Labor, 18 April 2019, n°11093 -

Like others in the insurance industry, French insurance company Maif (7,500 employees) is facing a thorough overhaul of its entire business, not least with the arrival of insurtech startups, and as such since 2015 it has positioned digital transformation as a key priority. Established in 1934 this mutual insurance company is however taking on the digital challenge in a way that respects its core values of placing ‘humans at the heart of transformations’. Maif is departing from what can be termed as the ‘classic’ digital transformation approach that prioritizes technology and a more streamlined user experience (the now well-known UX approach), and instead has chosen to firstly fully engage all of its social structure in adopting the digital culture by making e-learning and the establishment of a new in-house Digital Academy the pivot from which change emanates.

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