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ILO urges states to strengthen their occupational health and safety services in the event of a new pandemic

On 28 April, the date of the UN’s annual World Day for Safety and Health at Work, the International Labour Organization is calling for occupational health services to be strengthened so as to make them more ‘robust and resilient’ in the event of a new global health crisis. In a comprehensive report, the UN agency shows that ‘frontline’ workers have been particularly exposed to Covid-19. The text cites examples and suggests ways of improving the situation, which the ILO believes include social dialogue and an adaptation of the regulatory framework for times of crisis. The report can also be read as a manual for occupational health services and employers to ensure the health and safety of employees in such situations.

Through . Published on 28 April 2021 à 12h10 - Update on 28 April 2021 à 12h34

Occupational health put to the test by the crisis. According to the ILO, nearly two-thirds of companies report that the crisis affected employee morale. Employees who were teleworking reported higher stress levels and feelings of isolation, while those who continued to work onsite had to contend with greater workloads and the fear of contracting the virus. Health care workers were particularly exposed to Covid-19, and accounted for up to 25% of cases in Europe. “I  t is therefore of the utmost importance to build up resilient national OSH systems that are able to absorb unforeseen threats and cope with new risks,…

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