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Germany: details of company obligations linked to the introduction of the 3G rule|Covid health pass at work

As of 24 November, employees in companies must be Covid vaccinated (Geimpft), recovered from Covid (Genesen) or negative tested for Covid (Getestet). Known as the ‘3G rule’ in Germany, it is the approximate equivalent of the Covid health pass. So how does this new 3G rule work? Who should pay for the tests? What happens if an employee refuses to be tested? Below is an overview of these new employers’ and employees’ obligations.

Through . Published on 25 November 2021 à 11h13 - Update on 25 November 2021 à 11h13

On 18 November Germany’s Bundestag approved a new version of the ‘Infection Protection Act’ (Infektionschutzgesetz) in a bid to contain a countrywide resurgence of the pandemic. The Act introduces the ‘3G rule’ in the workplace and re-introduces compulsory teleworking (c.f. article No.12794). On its website, the German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairsdetails the new legislation that came into force on 24 November and is due to expire on 19 March 2022.…

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