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Great Britain: towards a simpler apprenticeship system

Through . Published on 31 May 2022 à 12h05 - Update on 31 May 2022 à 11h46

On 27 May the UK government announced measures simplifying the current apprenticeship system that will start to take effect in August 2022. The goal is to make the apprenticeship programme ‘simpler to use for employers, training providers and apprentices themselves,’ the executive explained. Included in the changes announced is a more efficient streamlined payments service with ‘less paperwork’ and administrative difficulties, better providers’ assessments of apprentices’ prior learning and experience so as to shorten apprenticeship duration times when possible, and lower Maths and English attainment requirement levels in order to provide more training opportunities. HR experts are applauding the measures although they have again called for a reform of the apprenticeship levy (c.f. article No.9629). “We have transformed apprenticeships so they offer a high-quality route into professions as diverse as engineering, healthcare, and digital for young people starting their careers, or adults hoping to retrain and upskill. We now want to focus on making the system as simple and user-friendly as possible, reducing bureaucratic burdens on employers and providers and giving apprentices the best possible experience,” said Minister for Skills Alex Burghart.

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