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Ireland: public consultation launched to inform guidance on remote working

Through . Published on 14 July 2020 à 10h12 - Update on 21 July 2020 à 16h06

The consultation was launched by the Irish Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation on 9 July and will run until 7 August in order to inform an update to guidance on remote working for both employers and employees. The most recent guidance on remote working was published in December last year. However, the department says, “much has changed since the publication of the report” and although a new guide for remote working was published specifically to address the exceptional situation created by the Covid-19 emergency, a new revision of the guidelines is necessary. The consultation therefore focuses on the potential need to improve the latter guide so as to provide guidance to employers on equality, health and safety, employment rights and the right to disconnect, as well as data protection and training.

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