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Japan: government pushes for greater pay transparency to combat gender inequality

Since Friday 20 May, the upcoming requirement for large companies to disclose their pay gaps has become the centrepiece of the "new capitalism" agenda advocated by Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida. The details of the plan, which is to apply to companies with more than 300 employees, will be unveiled during the summer.

Through . Published on 23 May 2022 à 16h13 - Update on 23 May 2022 à 16h13

Plans to introduce such requirements had been mooted for several weeks, since Japan’s premier had made efforts to reduce the gender pay gap one of his main priorities when he took office in October last year, insisting on the moral imperative of rebalancing. The introduction of new transparency rules as regards pay gaps should also encourage more women to enter and remain in the workforce, at a time when Japan is having to grapple with chronic labour shortages.…

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