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Adidas: sporting goods manufacturer uses new building to experiment with new forms of work organisation
Planet Labor, 26 October 2015, n°9336 -

In August, Adidas inaugurated an office building on its “World of Sports” campus, but it is not your usual office block. As part of the MyArena programme, the architecture within this building — named “Pitch” — has been designed to be a kind of laboratory, where new forms of work organisation will be formulated. Three office-space specialists were given carte blanche to organise the floors, according to a set of specifications which mix new spatial, organisational and technological concepts. The employees from the Brand Management and Corporate Property & Services have been picked as the ‘guinea pigs’. In a year, the results of their experience will lead to an overall assessment and, most probably, to this model being extended to the majority of Adidas establishments in Germany and elsewhere. Planet Labor goes into detail with Michael Grosam, Director of Strategy and Planning, who is in charge of the project.

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