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Daimler: the automaker introduces ‘the right to mobile working’ for 100,000 German workers
Planet Labor, 25 October 2016, n°9886 -

In line with Bosch, BMW, and Audi, automaker Daimler has also embarked upon an ambitious company agreement catering for mobile working that will come into force on 01 December 2016. Going forward Daimler workers in Germany will have the right to work outside of the company’s official premises, “in so far as it is compatible with their actual activity.” Management and the central work’s council presented the agreement’s broad outlines earlier on 28 July 2016 and the European Works Council has just approved it. EWC spokesperson Silke Ernst has kindly discussed with Planet Labor how the agreement actually came about, what it contains, and what its likely impact will be on Daimler’s working culture.

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