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France: “Hybrid work requires us to redefine the meaning of coming to the office,” says Coralie Bianchi, deputy director of social affairs at Société Générale (interview)

The hybrid work agreement signed at French banking group Société Générale in January 2021, offering an average of two days of remote work per week to eligible employees, was applied in October of that year, upon the relaxation of measures to contain the health crisis. Coralie Bianchi, deputy director of social affairs at Société Générale, and the group's reference point on this topic, spoke to Planet Labor to provide an initial assessment of the agreement's implementation and detail the changes that come with it, particularly for the bank's retail branches.

Through . Published on 21 July 2022 à 16h12 - Update on 21 July 2022 à 16h12

How has implementing this agreement changed the way people work within the group?

Coralie Bianchi: Each team was asked to draw up a set of rules to facilitate the transition to flexible office arrangements, which are currently being rolled out, and to make the best possible use of our workspaces. These sets of rules enable the teams to collectively give new meaning to working on site and to the activities they intend to carry out there. This was all the more important after the lengthy periods of remote working that we went through and given that,…

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