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France: PwC to offer paid miscarriage leave

On 2 June, the French business of audit and consulting giant PwC signed the Parental Challenge charter, which comprises 12 commitments designed to better support parenthood. By signing up to the charter, PwC France is looking to build on measures it has already implemented with its family and health policy, with a view to providing a sustainable and inclusive working environment. As part of this effort, the firm is creating a 100% paid leave allowance in the event of a miscarriage – both for the mother and second parent – and is to pay staff on days they need to take off work to prepare for an adoption.

Through . Published on 01 July 2022 à 15h25 - Update on 01 July 2022 à 15h25

PwC France is now one of 84 companies that have signed up to the Parental Challenge charter, most of which are French tech sector unicorns. “PwC France has a pioneering role, it is the first large company and the first among the Big Four to have signed up. With our 5,000 employees (in France),…

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