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Germany: at SAP job sharing is possible at all hierarchical levels from basic employee right up to senior executive
Planet Labor, 17 May 2019, n°11134 -

Since the start of 2018 all senior managerial positions at Germany’s multinational software corporation SAP have in principle been available for job sharing and flexible working opportunities. Since March 2019, SAP has gone one step further so that now all work positions at the company will be able to be shared between two workers operating in tandem, so what had formerly been an option at SAP has now become a right. Cawa Younosi, HR Head at SAP Deutschland and SAP SE in Germany is renowned for his revolutionary ideas and has kindly agreed to discuss with Planet Labor the thought process and reasons behind this groundbreaking measure, what has been put in place to help employees find their ideal job-share partners, the criteria required for the idea to work, and the initial results from the initiative.

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