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Germany: Deutsche Bahn managers will have to take better account of employee and customer satisfaction

Unhappy customers and employees.  “Profitable growth can only be obtained with enthusiastic workers and satisfied customers.  This is why quality and the satisfaction of customers and employees are our top priority for 2012” the DB’s President said during his New Year’s greetings on Wednesday, January 25.  While 2011 was a luxurious year in terms financial results and attendance for the DB, it isn’t quite true of customer and employee satisfaction.  Without giving numbers, the company’s marketing department confirmed that the image of the DB, which is piling up delays or incidents such as A/C breaking in the middle of a heat or cold wave, is getting worse with customers.  Besides, an employee survey in Germany found that 70 percent of employees were unhappy with their working conditions.  They complain of a lack of freedom to undertake, of the weight of hierarchy, of the length of decision-making procedures, or even unrealistic goals. 

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