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Google is offering its teams a three-day weekend so they can recover fully
Planet Labor, 8 September 2020, n°12110 -

The US digital giant has for the second time encouraged its teams globally to take a Friday off in order to enjoy a 3-day weekend. This second day ‘off-work’ was implemented for all workers on Friday 04 September and notably allowed the US work teams to enjoy a 4-day weekend as Monday, 07 September 7 was also a public holiday (Labor Day). Google, which announced several months ago that it would maintain teleworking on an ongoing basis until the summer of 2021 at the earliest, is also aware of the consequences of this form of working on the well being of its employees. Information being communicated to the teams and managers is clear: “We strongly encourage you to take this day off — and managers should actively support their team to reprioritize work commitments in order to do so.” According to our information sources, the company is also considering institutionalizing this generalized ‘Friday-off’ once every quarter.