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HR practices: Vincit, a company with just two managers, the CEO and the head of HR
Planet Labor, 3 November 2016, n°9894 -

Mikko Kuitunen and Pekka Virtanen set up Vincit (software development and IT outsourcing) in 2007 in the Finnish  town of Tampere. They dreamt of a ‘business where people were happy to go to work on Mondays.” In recognition of its innovative HR resource management practices that are particularly tailored to younger generations, Vincit has just been awarded the “best European Workplace’ prize from the Great Place to Work® organization. The company currently employs 300 and is growing fast. For the past two to three years bigger companies struggling to attract and retain young talent having been studying Vincit and they are looking to rise to the challenge by adapting their own management style.

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