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Italy: Gucci intends to combine competitiveness and employee well-being

On 22 July, Gucci Italia (Kering Group) and the Filcams-Cgil, Fisascat-Cisl and UIltucs trade unions signed a new agreement that focuses on employee well-being, work-life balance and training. The agreement, which concerns around 900 employees in the boutiques and logistics divisions across the brand’s 29 sales outlets (excluding managers), also contains measures designed to ensure group competitiveness and productivity, at a time when the luxury sector has been strongly impacted by the pandemic and more recently by the war in Ukraine.

  • Creation of a marriage leave for same-sex couples married abroad

  • Possibility of paid training that occurs outside working hours

  • Payment of a ‘well-being in the workplace’ bonus

Through . Published on 29 August 2022 à 12h38 - Update on 29 August 2022 à 12h38

Effective until 31 December 2024, the new agreement brings “significant improvements,” according to the unions. The agreement’s preamble states the intention to be ‘an effective instrument for the management and development of human resources’, allowing the formulation of ‘transparent remuneration policies’, based on ‘principles of meritocracy able to create a real competitive advantage to face the new challenges imposed by the market’.…

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