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United Kingdom: majority of employers plan to preserve remote working (study)

Through . Published on 29 May 2020 à 11h23 - Update on 29 May 2020 à 11h23

Despite encouragement from the UK government for business to gradually return to normal, only 4% of UK employers have made their employees come back to work since coronavirus lockdown rules were relaxed in the country, specialised HR site People Management revealed on 28 May. According to a survey of more than 500 professionals, 55% of employers plan to keep remote working arrangements in place for an unspecified timeframe. Meanwhile 24% of respondents are waiting to find out more about the health-related guidance in their sector before bringing staff back to the workplace, with the ‘Covid-19 secure’ guidance for returning to work being gradually updated, based on the recommencement of business in each sector (see article n°11922). Regarding preventive measures in the workplace, 67% of employers have planned to reorganise layouts. 59% will stagger start and end times and 54% plan to stagger shifts so as to reduce contact. 53% of employers plan to hold fewer and shorter meetings, while 49% will spread breaks throughout the day. Other changes currently being considered are the introduction of back-to-back offices (40%), temperature checks at entrances (19%) and the launch of coronavirus testing for staff (6%).

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