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Workday takes measures to help employees around the world better cope with the coronavirus crisis
Planet Labor, 20 March 2020, n°11745 -

The US HR software company Workday announced on its blog on 16 March that its some 10,000 workers would receive a one-off payment, equivalent to two weeks’ wages, to help them deal with the repercussions of the coronavirus outbreak. This measure, which will cost the company around $80 million (€73.3m), concerns all employees, except for executives. Payment is expected to be made by 30 April. A special fund to help those employees most in difficulty will also be created. Also as part of efforts to limit the effects of the coronavirus, the company plans to extend its sick leave scheme to include all those who have to miss work because of Covid-19. Its policy for workers who are parents will also be given a boost, with 15 days of paid leave granted to those who need to take care of children, up from 10 days previously. Finally, to provide its teams with psychological support, Workday will give its employees free access for one year to the Headspace meditation app. “We want to support and protect them during this challenging time so they can take good care of themselves, their loved ones, our customers, and communities,” the group explained in its blog post.