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Germany: Bosch creates freelancernetwork, a network to access and integrate independent IT developers

Faced with the enormous need for IT specialists stemming from the transition to digitalization, German multinational engineering and technology company Bosch has launched the freelancernetwork, which is designed to quickly integrate high-potential independent developers into its internal R&D projects. This network, which is scheduled to go international in 2022, is itself an extension of Bosch's ‘digital ecosystem,’ or global innovation community that operates from the Connectory platform.

Through . Published on 16 March 2022 à 14h32 - Update on 16 March 2022 à 14h32

Establishing a digital ecosystem. With the electrical and digitalization revolution in full swing, Germany’s multinational engineering and electronics company that produces automotive components and industrial products and indeed is one of the world’s leading automotive parts suppliers, Bosch is also in the software production race for both automotives and the wider industrial world. Alongside its IT services company ITK Engineering, the group has just created ETAS,…

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