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Google sets out new guidelines to prevent political debates within the workplace
Planet Labor, 27 August 2019, n°11316 -

On 23 August, Google updated its Community Guidelines, a company policy designed to govern internal interaction between employees. Having been faced in recent months with a new form of social activism harnessing both internal and external communications, the Californian tech giant says it wants to strike a balance between right of employees to speak up , which is something it encourages, and individual responsibility, while banning political debates. Indeed, for several months, Google employees have been coming together to address issues related to working conditions, such as sexism, discrimination, harassment, the working conditions of subcontractors. Staff have done so by using the company’s internal communications infrastructure to publicise forums, open letters and petitions, which have then been published in the press. Employees have also used such methods to address the group’s strategic choices, as seen with the petition against the Maven project (see article n°10663).


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