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Hungary: Diageo introduces 26 weeks paternity leave
Planet Labor, 5 February 2020, n°11636 -

Fathers in Hungary can avail of five-days of paid statutory leave following the birth of a child. This leave can be taken whole or in several parts but must be used before the child is two months old. Diageo, one of the leading global alcoholic beverages companies, has introduced a family-friendly measure that will see fathers having the opportunity to avail of an additional 26 weeks of leave. The company’s global parental policy provides a standard 4 weeks of leave as well as 26 weeks of maternity leave. The paternity leave measure originated in the UK in July 2019 and is now being implemented in Hungary. Kristof Zacs, Diageo Hungary HR Director explained that fathers will have to give three months notice of the intention to take up this leave entitlement in order for the company to operate appropriate cover. Diageo Hungary estimates between 30 and 40 make employees will take up the additional annual paternity leave, out of a total of 1,500 staff. Initial feedback suggests fathers will be keen to take up the opportunity. If both parents are Diageo employees then they both can avail of their respective parental benefits contemporaneously.