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India: Sri Mookambika Infosolutions providing matchmaking services as a way of retaining talent

Through . Published on 19 May 2022 à 10h52 - Update on 19 May 2022 à 11h03

Founded in 2006, Sri Mookambika Infosolutions (SMI), a global technology solutions provider headquartered in Madurai, in the southern Tamil Nadu state, has decided to assist its employees find their love match. SMI is providing its employees with free matrimonial services along with a bonus for those who get married. The aim is to reduce turnover in a sector that has particularly high attrition rates. The company is trying to retain talent and negate the desire to quit the company in order to seek a love match in a larger city. This novel approach seems to be working. SMI employs roughly 750 and yet boasts an attrition rate of only about 10%. “They treat me like a brother and several of them are from villages, with either aged parents or lacking a proper outlook of the world and unable to find the right match,” says M P Selvaganesh, SMI founder and CEO, in a The Times of India article. In India, although traditions are changing, arranged marriages are still the norm and most young people still rely on their parents to help them choose their future spouse. “We help such employees through a network of ‘alliance makers’. Weddings are the best get togethers, the entire team hires vans and attends,” the CEO continued  in the English language daily publication.

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