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Generali : the Italian insurance company adopted a “European social charter”

The Italian insurance company Generali presented, on December 11, 12 and 13, 2006, to the select committee's European work's council, a "European social charter for the Generali group", which has been unilaterally approved on November 28, 2006. This document will then be incorporated into the EWCs constitutive agreement on its renewal. (Ref 070121)

Through . Published on 09 February 2007 à 6h18 - Update on 09 February 2007 à 6h18

The Generali group’s social charter refers to the universal declaration of human rights, to the IWO’s fundamental social norms, the European Union’s charter of fundamental rights, and “complies with the EWC’s representatives’ request; they had asked for the adoption of a fundamental rights’ charter for Generali’s employees. “The adoption of the charter by Generali’s management comes after a year and a half of talks with the EWC after the latter called for a European day of action,…

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