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Germany: IG-Metall supports UAW’s recruitment campaign in the American plants of German carmakers

A campaign to keep the UAW from hemorrhaging.  “We’ll be very, very aggressive and willing to spend a lot of money to defend workers’ rights to organize” warned the UAW’s new leader, Bob King, cited by the Handelsblatt.  Thus, it seems the UAW has set aside $60 million from its strike fund to organize this impending recruitment campaign.“In the past, the UAW has lost a great deal of its power. It is now trying to get new members by focusing its attention on foreign carmakers. Every plant manager should take this very seriously” pointed out Rebecca Linland, an analyst with HIS Automotive, interviewed by the daily.  Once the largest trade union in America with 1.5 million members, the UAW only has 355,000 members now (see our dispatch No.  100513).

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