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Germany: record bonuses continue in the auto industry

VW’s bonus should be over €10,000.  In early 2012, Daimler kicked off the round of exceptional bonuses, announcing that its 125,000 employees would receive €4,100 in profit-sharing for 2011.  2007’s €3,750 record is definitely broken.  However, its German rivals are doing even better.  Porsche announced a €7,600 bonus for its 8,500 employees, closely followed by Audi which will pay a €8,251 bonus to its 42,500 employees (€6,153 in 2011).  Figures for BMW (70,000 employees) and Volkswagen (90,000) remain to be published.  However, the IG-Metall already warned that VW’s bonus would be exceptional.  It will probably be over €10,000 per employee.  “The management and the central WC negotiate these bonuses annually.  There are no set rules even though we have stable guiding elements” Lucas Küntze, Porsche spokesman for personnel matters, explained.  Only Audi determined a clear rule: 10 percent of profit over the €1.2bn limit are automatically given to the staff. 

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