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Italy: are Fiat Industrial’s unions more “united” than Fiat Auto’s?

“Uilm, Fimsic and UGL are responsible for a severe decision: by objecting that you can’t organize an RSU election with a closed factory, they prevented the electoral committee from determining the election date.”  This is how Fiom RSU representatives from the former Bertone, which is now the “Officine automobilistiche Grugliasco” presented, in an open letter, the decision of the majority of the electoral committee (where each union has two members) of Fiat’s plant on may 19th.  After the signature, on may 4th, of the competitiveness agreement which should come into force on January 1, 2012, they resigned from the RSU, leading to its dissolution, because they were 10 out of 16 (see our dispatch No.  110299), to subject themselves to an “immediate confirmation” of their mandate.

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