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Italy: ENEL signs new industrial relations protocol
Planet Labor, 29 August 2012, n°6817 -

Goals and confrontation levels.  To face the market crisis and tighter competitiveness, the protocol is banking on strengthening a “constructive atmosphere” based on dialogue and mutual trust, in order to “facilitate agreements achieving the company’s objectives, which recognize and value work.”  In detail, its objectives are: 1. improving the balance between the company’s goals and employees’ expectations as regards the validity, application and role of the agreements; 2. preventing conflicts and dealing with individual and collective conflicts in a rational manner; 3. seek for an “adequate consensus” when applying the company’s strategies and actions to develop and value employees.  The protocol lists the four modalities of relations between the company and the trade unions: bargaining, debate, information and equality.  It also provides for two levels of relations:

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