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Italy: GDF Suez Energia Italia Spa and unions sign new IR protocol
Planet Labor, 30 August 2012, n°6820 -

On the one hand, a “more and more technically sophisticated market, the unruliness of the energy market and the increase in competitive pressure.”  On the other, the process of integrating the company.  These are the major challenges GDF Suez Energia Italia Spa is facing.  Since it was created in 2006, the group, now entirely owned by GDF Suez, is indeed still highly fragmented, “with different methods, cultures, ways and practices,” because very different businesses coexist, such as Gaz de France, Suez, Italcogim, Acea or Electrabel.  The group, which directly employs nearly 600 employees in Italy (not counting the people working for companies where the group is involved) is therefore getting “organized” both to “develop the morphological changes of its labor organization and management” and to face the market in a “faster, more strategic, and more competitive way” in order to become the third energy pole in the country.  It is in that context that it signed, on July 19, the agreement with the trade unions to introduce a system of industrial relations “based on dialogue and the search for shared objectives,” and “able to face joint-interest challenges and issues.”  The signing parties also commit themselves to defining, by the end of the year, homogeneous regulations for the RSU system, in order to elect them in 2013 even where they should have waited until the end of their term of office.

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